Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Update: Memorial Day

I've been looking forward to this three day weekend!  It is one of those unusual times when the husband is home and I actually have a day off too!

Friday:  My mom had surgery to remove an enlarged thyroid.  I spent the afternoon/evening at the hospital with her. 

Saturday:  Bugs had dance class in the morning.  There is only one left before the recital!  She is super excited.  My one year old niece, we'll call her Sweetie, came to visit and spend the night.  The girls were so happy to see her.  Beans had a few moments of jealousy when I was holding sweetie.  Mostly though she walked around trying to hold Sweetie's hand and lead her around the house.  She's the little mother hen in the house.

The husband painted the patio that is attached to our deck.  It has been flaking and crumbling for a while now.  It turned out really nice!  What a difference a little paint makes!

Sunday: The three girls spent the afternoon in the little baby pool splashing around the deck while Hubs finished the patio.  I made a nice casserole to take down to my mom's house for dinner.

Monday:  We hung around the house and had a BBQ.  We were thinking about heading to a nearby carnival, but my mom was feeling good enough to get out of the house for a bit, so her and my dad came up and BBQed with us.

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  1. I'm glad your mom is doing better now and your hubs did fabulous with the deck. Glad you had a great weekend!!! XOXO