Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend Update

This was not one of our best weekends.  I can't even remember what we did Friday. It couldn't have been that fun! LOL

Saturday - Bugs had dance class, and we did some shopping and cleaning.

Sunday - Beans woke up with a low grade fever.  By the end of the night she had a full blown fever, I had a pounding headache and Bugs had a scratchy throat.

Thank goodness we had nothing planned for the weekend, since we weren't up to it anyway.  Beans is on the mend, but has been stuck to my side for the last 2 days.  Hope she gets better fast.  Tomorrow we have Bugs' rehearsal and her recital is on Saturday.


  1. I hope that you and Beans start feeling better soon!

  2. I think as a fellow dance mom I need photos from recital. :) I hope you all are feeling better now!! XOXO