Thursday, March 11, 2010

Future Crafter?

Last night we had to take our older daughter, Bugs* {names changed to protect the not-always-so-innocent} , to a girl scout meeting at a local pet store. The pet store is right next door to a Michael's so I thought I would go in, pick up a few things and look for some inspiration. We got Bugs settled in, and our almost 3 year old, Beans, wanted to check out the pet store so we did a quick loop around. She was more interested in pushing the child sized shopping cart than anything else. That was until she squealed with delight and yelled, "LOOK!!! A zhu zhu pet!!" Yep, she finally got her first glimpse of a real live hamster. LOL

We finished up and headed to Michaels. Beans loved everything in there. She picked up embellishment after embellishment while saying, "Mommy, look how boootiful!" "This is so pretty!" Tossing each and every one into the basket she was carrying. Ever try to take things out of a toddler's shopping basket? Yeah, not so fun.

We did end up with a few things, a ton of inspiration and some promises to go back again soon.

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  1. That is adorable and very cute that she called a hamster a zhu zhu pet!

    P.S. Thank you for all of the sweet comments lately and I look forward to reading more over here.