Sunday, March 28, 2010

You Said to Try It!

Last night I dyed Easter eggs with my girls. I caught my little one, Beans, with the spoon that had been previously in the dye now in her mouth. I told her not to put it in her mouth.

A few minutes later I look over and she has another spoon up to her mouth and is licking the dye on it. I said, "DO NOT put the spoons or the dye in your mouth! It's yucky, you can't eat it."

She said, "You said to try it. You told me try the pink one."

Beans -1, me - 0

I did tell her to try it, but I meant dip her egg in it, not TASTE it. Sheesh. I really have to remember that soon-to-be 3 year olds take everything very literally.


  1. haha! too cute. I'm sure she loved it anyway!

    p.s. I found you on etsy forums...come visit me too!

  2. So funny!!! Luckily they are non toxic. :) XOXO